Elected Appointments 

Incoming Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication Writing Across the Curriculum Standing Group (WAC SG), elected Fall 2021 for term lasting March 2022 to March 2025

Information about the purpose, goals, and membership of the WAC SG can be found on the WAC Clearinghouse.

Faculty representative elected from the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences to the General Education Revision Task Force, Moravian University, Spring 2019 – present

This task force, originally a team of eight faculty, began in Spring 2019 by reading copious scholarship on general education and integrative learning in higher education. We then developed institutional learning outcomes for Moravian from which planning for the new general education program has evolved. A tentative plan was developed by early 2021, and I created and helped run a workshop that almost every faculty member attended in small groups throughout the Spring 2021 semester. Conversations facilitated by the workshops have led to significant revisions to the plan, and the revisions are ongoing as more constituents flesh out the plan.

Elected Co-Chair of English Graduate Union (EGU), University of Arizona, Spring 2011 – Fall 2011

I worked closely with the other elected co-chair to serve the best interests of all English Department graduate students. We were charged with being proactive in maintaining what worked well for the academic and work lives of our constituents and striving to enact positive changes when needed. We facilitated EGU meetings and attended all full English Department faculty meetings as well as small department council meetings. We met frequently with the English Department Head, Director of the Writing Program, and Dean of the Graduate College to discuss pressing issues. As part of the position, I also performed many other duties like answering emails from concerned constituents, assigning cubicles to new GATs, training other elected officials, and chairing/serving on many of the committees described below.

Committee, Council, and Task Force Appointments


  • Association of Writing Across the Curriculum: Communications Committee, Fall 2020 – present; Partnerships Committee, Fall 2018 – Spring 2020
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators Outstanding Scholarship Award Committee, Fall 2017 – Spring 2018


  • Writing at Moravian Co-chair, Moravian College, Fall 2015  –  present
  • Capstone Task Force, Moravian College, Fall 2017–2019
  • Strategic Plan Pillar I: Academic Excellence and Innovation Task Force, Moravian College, Summer 2016 – Spring 2019
  • General Education Philosophy Revision Task Force, Moravian College, Spring 2017–Spring 2018
  • Plagiarism Policy Revision Task Force, Moravian College, 2016 – 2017
  • Student Success/High Impact Practices Task Force (participated in training at AAC&U Summer Institute on High Impact Practices at UCLA in June 2016), Moravian College, 2016 – 2018
  • Advisory Committee for Digital Humanities Mellon Grant, Moravian College, Spring 2015 – 2017
  • English Graduate Union Subcommittee Co-chair for University of Arizona English Department’s Academic Program Review (APR), Fall 2011
  • English Graduate Union Graduate Program Review Committee, University of Arizona, Spring 2011
  • English Graduate Union Website Redesign Committee Chair, University of Arizona, Spring 2011
  • UA Writing Program Difference and Inequality Committee Member, Fall 2008 – Fall 2011


  • Collaborative Development of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Assessment Plans for Writing in the Disciplines, Moravian College, ongoing
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education Self-Study Team Member, Moravian College, Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment, Spring 2016 – Spring 2018
  • Invited Scorer of Professional Writing, LeBow School of Business Summer Writing Assessment, Drexel University, August 2017
  • Leader of First-Year Writing programmatic assessment retreat featuring holistic direct assessment of updated Student Learning Outcomes for Writing, Moravian College, annually since January 2017
  • Collaborative Development of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for First-Year Writing Seminar with Writing at Moravian Advisory Committee, Moravian College, Fall 2014–Spring 2016
  • Holistic Scorer, University of Arizona Critical Thinking Assessment Project, Spring 2010
  • Volunteer Judge, Performative Assessment of Professional Writing, 2009 – 2011
  • Member, Advanced and Superior GAT Supervision Pilot Project, University of Arizona, 2012 – 2014